From Trailer Park to Sunrise Park: Intergenerational Senior Housing

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 14 March 2012

Intergenerational housing is a trend that is gaining traction in the senior living industry, and one that we should all be excited about.

What better way to get back to the days of neighbors helping neighbors and communities supporting their most vulnerable than to create more intergenerational housing options? There are countless benefits on both sides.

AARP’s charitable affiliate, the AARP Foundation, recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Charlottesville, Virginia, on an exciting venture. In an area that formerly housed a trailer park, Sunrise Park is now under construction: “a community of single-family homes, duplexes and condominiums.” This mixed income, walkable (cars are not necessary; buses to downtown are easily accessible) complex welcomes seniors and families seeking affordable housing and is scheduled for completion in 2013. Builders say it will contain up to 66 housing units of various sizes (duplexes, single family homes, and condos) and include “a large, communal backyard space of 50,000 square feet” at the center.

AARP estimates that “approximately 13 million low-income 50+ households in America cannot afford their housing costs or live in inadequate housing.” Sunrise Park offers a viable solution for seniors in Charlottesville; we hope to see many more like it springing up across the nation in the years to come.

Your turn: What creative solutions would you suggest in regards to affordable housing?



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