#ElderCareChat Recap 3/7/12: Transportation and Mobility Challenges

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 09 March 2012

Senior mobility and transportation issues … it’s a huge topic so we certainly didn’t get to everything in one hour’s time, but that was the focus for this week’s #ElderCareChat conversation.

Clearly a topic of interest as we were bursting at the seams with 74 participants, #ElderCareChat attendees kicked off the hour with a dialogue about the barriers to transportation. They shared practical tips, ideas and resources around the very thorny “it’s time to stop driving” talk, the walkability of communities and cities, and overcoming the stigmas surrounding public transportation/mobility assistance.

Another common theme emerged: the “knowledge of available resources” gap; per our group’s usual M.O., participants were empowered to fill in these gaps and take that knowledge out to our various circles of influence.

Framing the discussion were the following questions:

Q1. Tweet out some of the top mobility/transportation-related challenges facing elder care professionals and family caregivers today.
Q2: Have you heard about walkable communities? Do you live in one?
Q3. What are the barriers to making transportation simpler and more accessible? To improving mobility at home/in care settings?
Q4. What changes have you made (or would you recommend) to ease mobility and ensure safety in a home/in care settings?
Q5: How — and when — should you have a conversation about handing over the keys/giving up driving?
Q6: What resources have you found useful in meeting transportation and mobility challenges?
Q7: What tips/tools do you recommend for caregivers and individuals burdened by these issues?

Here are a few highlights:

For more tips and insights, check out the full transcript (thank you to faithful follower @ctffox and our friends at The Fox Group for providing this record); click here to review and share it.

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