Signs of Quality Care in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 06 March 2012

The smell of a place: it’s often the first thing that hits you when you walk through the door. Consequently, “I hate how those places smell” is probably the most commonly expressed complaint about nursing homes or assisted living communities, and often, the comments are justified.

But did you also know that a strong unpleasant odor throughout the building may indicate that incontinence care and cleanliness of the rooms and residents may not be at the highest quality standard? Red flag number 1.

If you are evaluating assisted living for a loved one, or if you are keeping a watchful eye on a family member who currently resides in assisted living, consider these signs indicative of quality care:

  1. Residents are well-groomed and well-dressed; clothes are clean, neat and wrinkle-free.
  2. The exterior grounds, resident rooms/apartments, and interior common areas are neat and well-maintained, and the building has a fresh, clean scent.
  3. The staff are welcoming, attentive, courteous and professional. Direct care staff members, in particular, are knowledgable about your loved one’s needs and preferences.
  4. Services offered focus on quality not quantity. For example, it’s better to have one well-planned activity per day than four just for the sake of filling the calendar.
  5. The provider doesn’t make promises the staff and community cannot keep.


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