Senior Caregiver Challenges: Transportation and Mobility

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 March 2012

Getting in and out of a car. Moving up and off a couch. Walking down the stairs. Stepping out of the shower without slipping.

We take for granted these simple daily tasks to the point where we do them almost subconsciously — that is, until we cannot do them without assistance, discomfort or struggle.

Many seniors (and even boomers) who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, or other health issues that hinder mobility know well the difficulty of completing these tasks.

If stairs are an obstacle, just getting to your mailbox without assistance is a feat. And imagine how complicated a trip to the grocery store becomes once mobility is an issue: after getting into your car and driving there, you must get in and around the store, reaching for heavy or cumbersome items on high and low shelves, eventually placing them on the belt for bagging. Then, you must go out to your car to load the items and unload them upon your return home.

Consequently, caregivers are also well-versed in these challenges. Given the increased risk of falls or injuries due to a mobility impairment, assistance with transportation and “getting around” (whether at home or in assisted living) is an important caregiving role.

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