Apartments Not Only Option for Independent Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 16 February 2012

Independent living communities come in all shapes, sizes and settings. Condominium-style homes, high-rise senior apartments, one-level ranchers or cottages, bi-level twins, and even “hybrid” housing (a cross between an apartment/cottage) are among the available options, each of which may be found in urban, suburban and rural locations, or in  resort-style (beach, lake or harbor-front) venue.

Another emerging possibility is multi/intergenerational housing, so far primarily found in metropolitan areas but gaining traction elsewhere. This unique setting (though typically limited to standard apartments) not only offers residents a diverse network of on-site support, but the added opportunity to build relationships with people of all ages.

Niche communities are also popping up, including The Escapees CARE Center (a Texas independent and assisted living community designed for RV enthusiasts) and Rainbow Vision (a community for LGBT elders in Santa Fe, New Mexico).

Though housing and care costs are rising steadily, it is nonetheless an exciting era in the senior living industry, as new and creative independent living alternatives are developed to meet the demands of boomers and seniors across the nation.

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