Convenience a Top Dining Trend in Senior Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 24 January 2012

Country kitchens, bistros, and room service: residents in senior living communities want convenience, flexibility and options when it comes to their dining experiences, according to this blog post from Geneva Designs on the latest trends.

Per the article, a number of senior living facilities are upgrading, revamping, and redesigning their dining spaces to feel less like an institutional cafeteria and more like a country or family-style kitchen. In these often smaller spaces, residents may have the opportunity to cook alongside staff, and they enjoy a cozier, more intimate atmosphere reminiscent of home rather than a healthcare facility.

Other communities are adding “grab-and-go” food options throughout the building. Residents can purchase soup, sandwiches, fruit, beverages, and other snacks in between or in place of meals, allowing more autonomy and flexibility. These self-serve carts and stations are great for visitors too; if a grandson stops by on a Saturday afternoon, a cup of soup in Grandpa’s apartment may be a better fit than a formal meal in the community dining room.

Though many senior living residents enjoy the company of others at meal time, there may be certain occasions when room service is preferred. This, along with the emergence of more casual dining options like bistros and cafes, is another trend in the senior living dining world.


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