The Complaint Department in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 11 January 2012

Every business, workplace, restaurant, and organization has one, whether official or informal. Though constructive criticism that is well-taken and put into action can lead to a company’s growth and success, sadly that type of communication (and subsequent follow-up) is rare.

In assisted living, staff members in all departments certainly hear their share of complaints, and sometimes deservedly so. If they are not made aware of problems, how can they address them? However, too often, the frustrations of family members and residents tend to fall on deaf ears for any number of reasons.

Close family members and friends who visit their loved one in assisted living on a regular basis have every right to be that person’s advocate. However, it is important for visitors to be sensitive to the fact that staff members are caring for many people with a range of needs and cannot always provide one-on-one attention. They should also remember that it is difficult in a communal living setting to please everyone.

However, if there is a concern about the quality of care or about potential abuse or neglect, an advocate should not hesitate to file an official complaint and should immediately bring the concern to the attention of a trusted staff member who is equipped to handle the issue.

But when it comes to green beans versus carrots in the dining room, it is best to keep quiet so providers can focus on the big stuff.


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