Design Trends in Senior Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 03 January 2012

Though it should not be the whole basis for a senior care decision, previous posts on our blog have spoken to the femininity of design in many communities, and others have affirmed the importance of design that goes beyond pure aesthetics, proving that design does make a difference.

In recent years, senior living developers have certainly taken the hint and moved past the simple hospital-like look and layout common in nursing homes, working towards a well-appointed and comfortable home-like (or even resort-like) feel instead.

An article in Senior Living Executive outlined a few of the latest trends when it comes to design in assisted living and other senior care communities; highlights are below:

  1. Still popular and seemingly most successful is the “neighborhoods” approach to Alzheimer’s care.
  2. Smaller bedrooms in assisted living and independent living balanced by larger community areas and living room space to entertain visiting friends and family are a new norm.
  3. An increased desire among seniors to live in cities has influenced a trend towards “mixed-use” developments, exciting urban projects that often rescue and restore historical buildings for new senior living-related purposes.
  4. The presence of more natural light in common areas is another design feature prevalent in modern senior communities.


Your turn: What design features stand out most to you when visiting senior communities?

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  1. Design is such an important part of selecting a good community for a loved one. Seniors value spending as much time possible with family and creating an environment that doesn’t feel like an “old folks home” would be less intimidating to someone younger, such as a grandchild, to visit than a typical assisted living or senior community. I love the idea of a large-scale, mixed-use community with retail, restaurants, and medical office suites that includes all types of housing- from Independent Living to Alzheimer’s Care to Home Care. Those residing in Independent Living can work (something the baby boomer generation plans to do) on the street level and all residents could enjoy the amenities it has to offer.


    on 06 January 2012 / 6:17 PM

  2. Exactly, Natalie! I agree with your points, and I also love the idea of mixed-use communities with various levels of housing and care. There are some providers working on these types of communities and I hope we see more of them in the future. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


    on 09 January 2012 / 3:30 PM


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