The Holidays in Assisted Living: Dining and Celebrations

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 07 December 2011

Social gatherings often involve food, a prime reason that many people gain weight over the holidays. From Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas cookies and everything in between, it seems we spend the last two months of each year eating our way to New Year’s Day.

Holiday eating is much more than an indulgence though; gathering with friends and loved ones to share a meal or even just a cup of cocoa is a ritual most of us look forward to during this busy season.

Assisted living communities and other senior care facilities are aware of the importance of holiday meals, and often provide several opportunities for family and friends to dine with residents. Special celebrations and meals also cater to those residents who do not have loved ones nearby, allowing them to partake in a favorite holiday tradition though visitors are few or absent.

While there may be many empty seats in the dining room on Christmas Day (as some residents leave to spend a day or two at a loved one’s home), assisted living staff in the dining and activities departments often collaborate to make breakfast, lunch and dinner during the holidays a time of celebration and cheer (i.e. playing holiday music in the dining room, tasteful table decorations, festive tableware and linens, etc.).

Your turn: What does the assisted living community where you or a loved one resides do to make holiday meals special?


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