The Holidays in Assisted Living: Transportation and Shopping

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 December 2011

The holidays are a bright time in assisted living: often, hallways and common areas sparkle with festive decorations, the dining room features themed menus and meals, residents and staff members bring wrapped packages for toy drives, the activities department hosts Christmas carol sing-a-longs. In some communities, particularly in larger independent living complexes, residents may host their own “floor” parties to celebrate the season with their neighbors and friends.

Each community does something different, but the majority will offer a number of specialized activities, programs, and services just for the holidays.

Most assisted living homes provide additional transportation opportunities so residents can complete their holiday shopping. These extra trips are especially welcomed by seniors who can no longer drive and do not have friends or family in the area who can pick them up and take them to the stores they wish to visit.

Sometimes, a community opens its doors to local vendors, artists, or small businesses to come and sell their goods so residents do not have to leave campus to cross off all the names on their lists. If the senior community has a gift shop or general store, it is typically stocked with special items for the season.

Your turn: What services in assisted living would/do you find most helpful during the holidays?


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