Across the Nation, Senior Living Communities Honor Veterans

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 11 November 2011

In this entire week leading up to Veterans Day 2011, senior living communities from coast to coast have hosted luncheons, photo displays, parades, ceremonies, celebrations, banquets, and a number of other activities to honor residents who served in World War II.

Brookdale Senior Living, whose communities regularly participate in Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime program, has been granting wishes specifically to veteran residents throughout the month.

Watermark Retirement Communities is honoring their veterans with a section of their website devoted to essays, life lessons and photographs from these admirable men and women.

Many senior living homes are also actively engaged in the Spirit of ’45 Campaign, which we wrote about earlier this week, collecting photos of service members and sponsoring community activities to honor members of the World War II generation.  Read the post here.

To the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought – and are still fighting – to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation, we say thanks. Thank you for your courage, your spirit, your dedication to this country. Thank you to the members of your family who also sacrificed greatly, in support of your service.

Be sure to honor and thank a veteran today, and always remember their commitment to securing our freedom.


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