How to Find Assisted Living Homes for Your Loved Ones

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 07 October 2011

As nearly 1 million people now reside in assisted living homes across the country (per data from the National Center on Assisted Living), it is certainly holding its ground as a popular option for seniors today. But just as each assisted living community is unique in its operation, style and service array, so are each of the residents – present and prospective – who call it home, which often makes finding the right place a challenge. When you are tasked with helping a loved one find assisted living, consider these guidelines for narrowing down the options.

  1. First, determine the ideal location – geographically. Does Mom want to move back to her hometown? Would your uncle prefer to live closer to his friends, or closer to family?
  2. Next, decide what type of assisted living community your loved one prefers. Urban? Rural? Small and cozy, where the residents interact frequently? Or perhaps a larger campus where the potential for staying relatively anonymous and independent is more feasible? Something in between?
  3. Your next consideration: what kind of care does your loved one need? Assisted living facilities vary greatly in terms of what services are provided.
  4. Finally, set a budget. How much can they afford?


Once you’ve established these priorities, let the search begin. (And check out our tips for touring an assisted living home here.)


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