Standardized Form Mandated for Assisted Living Facilities in New Jersey

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 06 October 2011

When residents transition from assisted living facilities to another care setting, confusion about records determining future care can easily occur as each had their own form. New Jersey is seeking a better way.

The Garden State recently mandated the same form be used in hospitals, assisted living facilities, ambulatory care centers and nursing homes, rather than each care setting using their own, says this NJ.com article. Called the “universal transfer form”, the sheet will include basic information about an individual’s medical history, allergies, vital signs, dietary requirements, medical conditions, immunizations, mental status, respiratory needs, and medications.

By month’s end, this new means for record-keeping will be required of 1,900 licensed healthcare facilities, including assisted living, in New Jersey.

In the past three years, a task force comprised of senior care member organizations like Leading Age NJ, the Health Care Association of NJ, and the Home Care Association of New Jersey partnered with Rutgers University, the state department of Health & Senior Services, and other state-affiliated groups to develop the form; some of these organizations will also plan regional training sessions to educate care providers on the use of the standardized record.

Industry leaders hope the form will reduce medical errors, improve care, and streamline the admissions process.

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