Ideas for Celebrating Family History Month in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 04 October 2011

How did Grandma and Grandpa meet? Where does your great aunt keep all her wonderful recipes? Which of your uncles got into the most trouble?

October is Family History Month, the perfect time to get answers to all of these questions and more (including exactly how you are connected to Robert E. Lee or some other notable figure of the past).

This month, assisted living staff should encourage residents to engage with visiting family members – of all ages – around this topic. Consider the following ideas from About.com to get the conversation started:

  1. Trace your family tree.
  2. Compile a cookbook of favorite family recipes.
  3. Make a family heritage scrapbook.
  4. Create a family website.
  5. Record memorable family stories.
  6. Learn about your family’s health history.
  7. Take a trip to the old family homestead or other historic site connected with your heritage.
  8. Make something together (food, crafts, etc.) that is reflective of your family’s culture.
  9. Organize, label, and assemble family photos.


These are valuable, enjoyable, and meaningful activities in which families should partake during any visit to a loved one in assisted living, not just during the month of October.

Your turn: What special traditions does your family honor and celebrate each year? How do you plan to preserve and pass on your heritage to future generations?


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