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Census Data: Snapshot of Today’s Baby Boomers

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 13 September 2011

The baby boomers represent a large segment of today’s population, and their numbers (along with seniors) will continue to dominate in the years to come.

As of 2006, there were 77,980,296 baby boomers; in 2030, Census data indicates that 57,793,195 U.S. citizens will be part of the boomer demographic.

When it comes to gender, boomers are split fairly evenly: numbers from 2006 report that 49.1 percent of boomers are male and 50.9 percent are female. However, by 2030, a moderate shift occurs; females are expected to comprise 54.9 percent of the boomer population (males will drop to 45.1 percent).

And where do boomers live? As of 2006, most boomers (28,060,126) choose the South as their home. Approximately 17 million boomers have Midwestern or Western addresses, and about 15 million reside in the Northeast. Corresponding to the senior population numbers, the states boasting the most boomers are California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

A high percentage of boomers are still working – as per 2006 numbers – which places the percentage of those employed at 74.1. Only 3.3 percent are unemployed, 0.1 are in the armed forces, and 22.4 percent are not in the labor force.

Curious about future predictions regarding this iconic population? Get estimates here, and read more about boomer trends on our blog.

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