Talking to Your Kids About a Senior Living Transition

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 19 August 2011

If you’re a parent, the years have probably been full of those awkward, delicate conversations you’d rather avoid. The birds and the bees. Dating. Curfews. But all of that is behind you now, right?

Well, except for maybe a conversation about where you want to spend your retirement years. Not all of your children may agree about where – or how – you should live, but ultimately, it’s your decision and they need to support you accordingly.

Check out this short video for more insight:

The decision about where to live in later life – a continuing care facility, an assisted living home, an independent living apartment – is not solely for the adult children to decide, even for individuals with dementia or cognitive impairments. Yes, they may be concerned about care, services or support that is or will be needed, and they can certainly make suggestions or recommendations. In some cases, an adult child is the power of attorney and has the authority to make these decisions. They should still consider the desires and preferences of their parents in evaluating senior housing arrangements, never assuming that they know what’s best for Mom and Dad.

If your family is facing a senior living transition now or in the near future, be honest with one another about what you want and need as you explore the options. Start the search right here at SeniorsforLiving.com.


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