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New Caregiver “To Do” List

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 18 August 2011

You don’t typically get to prepare for a caregiving role, at least not in the way you might for a certification exam or new job. And yet, many adults find themselves bearing the title – sometimes overnight – knowing little about what comes next.

Caring for an elder can be an unpredictable road, an eye-opening experience that often exposes involved family members to the long-term care maze. Whether you encounter physical health challenges with your loved one (for example, a fall, which can provoke changes in mobility), emotional/social concerns (i.e. loneliness, grief or depression after loss of a spouse), or you must make a decision regarding a transition to a senior care facility, the learning curve may be steep.

Recognizing this, a recent post on the Right at Home blog recently shared 7 tips from WebMD for new caregivers; here are a few highlights…

  • Get connected. You can’t plead ignorance when it comes to caregiving, because resources are available, be it through education/information, services, or professionals/friends who can offer support if asked/pursue. New caregivers should take advantage and plug in to a network of care immediately.
  • Search for senior care facilities/providers. Know what’s out there so if the need arises, you’re not scrambling in a crisis situation for home care, assisted living, or some other arrangement.

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  1. wayne liebl says,

    If you have the stomach to do it for the long haul then go for it. :-) w


    on 18 August 2011 / 11:14 AM


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