Apps for Caregivers: An Updated “Virtual Assistance” List

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 16 August 2011

Last February, Elizabeth Thielke highlighted 5 iPhone apps useful to caregivers in this post. This spring, she covered caregiving apps specifically available to iPad users too; check them out here.

Given how quickly things change when it comes to the techno scene, we’ve refreshed the list to include some of the latest and greatest apps for iPhone/smart phone users who are also caregivers, compliments of AARP.org and WallStreetJournal.com:

1. iCam – Monitor multiple video/audio feeds remotely with this app; at $4.99, it’s worth the peace of mind that a face-to-face check-in can bring to a long-distance caregiver, or even the caregiver next door. Your loved one must have a computer with a webcam in order for this feature to work; be sure to ask their consent before downloading the app.

2. Tell My Geo – For $9.95 per month, subscribers to this app get access to the vital medical info that emergency responders need in a pinch. It also serves as a geolocator, a valuable tool for those caring for a loved one who may wander due to Alzheimer’s/related dementias, autism and other illnesses.

3. SwannView – If the iCam isn’t enough, check out this free download, which works in tandem with the Swann Security Kit ($449) for a live, real-time view from four all-weather cameras, including an LED night vision feature.

4. Personal Caregiver – Think of it as your virtual daily pill dispenser: Schedule and track meds for as many as 4 people with this free app. Pay $9.99 to drill down to a higher level of med info details, and receive alerts from the FDA on recalls.

5. Pain Care – This award-winning app allows users to record and report pain levels and share the data immediately with their physician, so appropriate treatments and meds can be prescribed.

6. iBiomed – Caring for a loved one is complicated, and the doctor and wife duo who created this helpful app know all about it, as they care for their children with multiple special needs. Among the numerous features, users will find a log book to track prescriptions, therapies, allergies, and more; schedule prescription refill reminders; and can ask advice and share stories with others in similar shoes via an online forum.

7. Capzule PHR – This user-friendly, 99 cent download allows caregivers and care recipients to organize their health data in one password-protected central location.

8. iBGStar – This innovative blood glucose meter connects to your iPhone so you can manage your diabetes in real-time.

Having trouble seeing the screen or maneuvering the touch-sensitive keyboard? Check out this roundup from AARP covering 8 apps designed to make smart phone- browsing and tablet-surfing a breeze for mature users.

Talk back: What’s your favorite app, caregiving-related or otherwise?

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  1. Rhonda Mengini says,

    As a caregiver, I constantly use iTriage- it’s a symptom checker which is perfect for looking into ailment without going to see a doc. This week they added medications which is a dream come true for me taking care of my mother who takes about 15 pills daily. Have you tried iTriage out yet?


    on 17 August 2011 / 12:38 PM

  2. Sounds like a great one – no, I haven’t used it/heard of it. Thanks for sharing about it, and thanks for stopping by the blog, Rhonda!


    on 17 August 2011 / 4:24 PM

  3. C. Fasano says,

    I am looking for Independent Living for myself in the Oakland County area. I can no longer drive as I take 23 pills per day and the medications make driving an unsafe venture. My family lives in Commerce Township. But when the time comes for me to leave, it would give them peace of mind to be in this type of environment, with transportation available for appointments and shopping, and have safety in case I pass out or injure myself. I am 55 years old, and I am aware there exist age requirements in some homes. I am also looking for a place with is immaculate, and does not allow animals if possible.


    on 11 September 2011 / 2:57 PM

  4. You can do a search for independent living in Oakland County right here on the site – http://www.seniorsforliving.com. Best to you!


    on 12 September 2011 / 8:48 AM


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