Assisted Living: A Variety of Venues for Diverse Interests & Needs

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 15 August 2011

As recent data from the US Department of Health & Human Services declares, there are nearly 38,000 assisted living communities in the United States, providing housing and services for almost 1 million residents.

Given such a large number of facilities, the diversity of this senior living genre is aptly broad, from the locations (rural, urban, suburban), to the buildings themselves (e.g. large, resort/apartment-style complexes, historic buildings converted to unique living space, or smaller, more home-like layouts), to the services provided therein (health care services, activities, dining options, transportation, Alzheimer’s care, etc.).

The mix of residents is also quite varied: some are extremely independent and simply desire the security of a community setting, others require a minimal amount of daily assistance, and an increasing number of seniors entering assisted living today have more moderate to complex needs.

Assisted living homes are licensed by state agency officials, so much of this variety is based on the way the facilities are regulated. Add to it that each company who manages assisted living communities (whether they operate a large national network of homes or just one stand-alone home) has a different philosophy when it comes to the delivery of quality care and services.

If you are considering assisted living for yourself or someone in your care, be sure to visit the facility in person to determine whether it is a good fit, because no two communities are alike.


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