At 66, Helen Mirren is Sexier than Ever

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 August 2011

I’ve always thought she was drop dead gorgeous, so it’s nice to know that others agree.

Congrats to Dame Helen Mirren, the sexy 66-year-old who just won the L.A. Fitness’ “Body of the Year” poll, despite stiff competition from the forever voluptuous J.Lo and fellow Brit Pippa Middleton,  whose enviable physique burned up the Twitter stream for days following her sister Kate’s marriage to Prince William.

As reported by Jeff Mills of Nerve.com, votes came in from 2000 male and female participants, and Mirren commanded a rather comfortable lead with 17.65% of the votes, while supermodel Elle MacPherson took second place at 10.6%.

Mills believes that the win “sets a helpful precedent” for women of all ages who drive themselves crazy trying to attain that impossibly slender figure (or as he calls it: “pipe-cleaner torsos”) which our mainstream media typically presents as desirable. But really, with runners-up like J.Lo and Kate Winslet, it’s clear that a more curvaceous figure is preferred.

Curves or not, how about the fact that Mirren is 66 and still sizzling?!

Writes Mills, “Chalk one up for the AARP crowd, as all that Wii Fit time put in by the Oscar winner has paid off beautifully.”

The same can be said for many seniors. Last week, my sister and I were looking at the pictures from her April wedding, and there was a gorgeous shot of my 85-year-old Grandma (who really doesn’t take a bad picture anyway). “Our Grandma is a babe,” I said. Even though it seemed like sort of a funny thing to say, it’s the truth – and I know she’s not the only beautiful grandmother out there.

Given the recent Betty White mania, Mirren’s latest nomination, and a number of boomer/senior stars taking lead roles in movies and TV shows  (in fact, we covered sophisticated TV stars in a May post), it’s clear that a welcome shift in focus in our society, which is still fairly myopic in terms of a “beauty = youth” viewpoint, is finally underway.

The Advanced Style blog is a great site for disproving the “beauty = youth” fallacy:  photographer Ari Seth Cohen finds some of the most stunning and stylish silver-haired septuagenarians and octogenarians (even ladies in their 100s) I’ve ever seen, simply by walking along the streets of NYC.

Hats off to Helen Mirren for breaking the mold on the “Body of the Year” contest, and for moving us further along on the road to accepting true beauty at all ages and stages of life.

Your turn: Tell us about a beautiful mature woman – famous, family or friend – that you admire!

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  1. Janett Brown says,

    Looking sexy and beautiful is not something impossible for the elderly. You just need to take of yourself and exerise. And you will remain as sexy as ever.


    on 07 August 2011 / 9:52 AM

  2. That’s true, Janett. It’s not impossible – and people like Helen Mirren are great living proof. Thanks for the comment!


    on 08 August 2011 / 9:30 AM


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