Unique Exercise Program Comes to Atria Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 July 2011

This spring, residents of several Atria Senior Living communities throughout the country were introduced to Conductorcise, a new program that integrates the brilliance of David Dworkin, a renowned conductor of leading orchestras worldwide, with an exercise routine that promotes healthy engagement in both the brain and body.

Created by Dworkin, Conductorcise is a national program that – while geared to all ages – has been especially successful with seniors, and even more so with those impacted by Alzheimer’s or stroke, as per this News & Insights piece from Atria Senior Living.

Given the benefits of music therapy (which we recently covered here at Seniors for Living), it’s clear why a program like Conductorcise would be a hit. While the body is engaged in aerobic exercise, the mind is stimulated by the music, which often brings back memories for many participants and lifts their spirits — even among those who have essentially “shut down” due to cognitive impairments or other health issues.

Many of Atria’s assisted living homes (based in 27 different states) already offer Conductorcise to residents, with the hope that eventually, all 125 of their assisted living communities can add this fantastic program to their activities roster.


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