Essential Home Preparations for a Senior Care Transition

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 07 July 2011

Bringing in home care, moving to independent living, or transitioning to assisted living are major life changes that require a number of preparations.

For a move, coordinating logistics is a big part of the process. Will a moving company be hired? Are family & friends going to do all the work? Is the house going to be emptied or sold after the individual/couple moves out?

Whether the move is to an amply sized two-bedroom apartment or a cozy studio will determine just how much of the house full of possessions can fit in the new space.

Even those who choose to receive home care must alter the home’s physical environment. Will an area need to be cleared for a hospital bed? A path created for wheelchair access? If a person is no longer ambulatory (able to walk without assistance), will beds, dressers, and other items need to be moved downstairs where the bathroom, kitchen, and living space are on one level?

Some choose to enlist the help of a senior move manager/company that specializes in these transitions, which for many families can be an overwhelming and complicated process. Learn more about these professionals at NASMM.org.

Check out our Transition Resource Guide for a detailed list of resources to guide you through the process.


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