Wedded Bliss at Age 80, 90 and 100: A Round-up of Golden Romances

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 June 2011

Mahatma  Gandhi said “where there is love there is life” and no doubt these three couples would agree.

Forrest Lunsway, age 100, and Rose Pollard, 93, tied the knot this March after dating for 28 years. The California couple put in an application to the Guinness Book of Records, hoping to capture the title of “World’s Oldest Newlyweds.” Rose promised to marry Forrest on his 100th birthday, and as you’ll learn in the video, she’s a woman of her word:

Speaking of the Guinness Book, this May, Herbert (just 104 years young) & Zelmyra (101) Fisher of North Carolina celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary. They currently hold the record for the longest marriage of a living couple. The Fishers share the secrets to their marital longevity in this Harlem World blog post, and though each story and quip they relay makes you say, “Awww,” my favorite was their response to this question: “You got married very young – how did you both manage to grow as individuals yet not grow apart as a couple?”

Herbert & Zelmyra simply replied: “Everyone who plants a seed and harvests the crop celebrates together.  We are individuals, but accomplish more together.”

Double awww….

And finally, a late-life love story that honors our current “digital age”:  Molly Holder met her groom on Match.com. Holder went for a younger man – the 90-year-old Pittsburgh native met Edward Nisbett, 82, in current hometown of Tallahassee, Florida – and the two were married on June 18th.

Molly’s grandson, Russ Lentz, was a 3rd wheel for the couple’s first date, just to be sure that all was on the up-and-up, given their online connection (although he fully supported his grandmother’s desire to sign up for Match.com). He quickly observed that things were more than fine between the two and is thrilled for their union.  Says Lentz, “they really are compatible, both being poetry fans and big drinkers of hot tea (as well as an occasional dram of scotch) … You can see that they really care about each other.”

If these three couples don’t make you want to get up and dance or raise a glass to lifelong love, I recommend checking your pulse…

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