Meet the Independent Living Team

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 17 June 2011

In this previous post, we presented a few of the primary personnel serving assisted living residents. Now, we’ll cover the key players in an independent living setting (note that specific titles may vary among communities, but roles are essentially universal):

Executive Director (ED): The ED oversees all management staff and works closely with the Board of Directors to make executive-level decisions for the community.

Comptroller: All monies (monthly rent payments, entrance fees, services, personnel, vendor payments, etc.) are received and disbursed according to the direction of the comptroller/the accounting department.

Director of Facilities Operations: This staffer supervises housekeeping & maintenance staff and is tasked with all technical/mechanical/environmental functions of the independent living campus (interior/exterior).

Director of Dining Services: Menu & meal planning, food preparation, catering requests, supply orders, and supervision/management of all dining services staff are among the responsibilities of this essential employee.

Director of Wellness: If health care services are offered or referrals are needed, this employee is responsible (and may also supervise employees providing care).

Director of Human Resources: As many communities have a fairly large staff complement, this employee is charged with all things relating to personnel.

Director of Social Programs & Activities: Often working with a resident committee, this team member keeps everyone busy (both on and off campus) planning programs, parties, trips, and more.

Director of Marketing: This critical employee keeps the senior apartments filled so that revenue continues to flow.


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