Ways to Stay Engaged & Active In Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 16 June 2011

Anticipating a transition to assisted living, either for you or a senior in your social/family circle? Recognize that this is a major adjustment – even if the individual making the move is transferring from an independent living apartment to an assisted living suite – as it signifies that a change in health status had such an impact on daily life that more care or assistance is necessary.

Just think about the difference between the words “independent” and “assisted.” Consequently, the move can be viewed as a loss of independence, and justifiably so. But there are ways to re-frame that perspective, one of which is staying engaged and active.

Maybe your father prefers to stay in his apartment reading books. This is his prerogative and he should not feel obligated to attend group activities, so long as he is staying active on his own. Work with the local library (the activities director can help too) to ensure that his bookshelves are always full.

Encourage participation in activities sponsored by the assisted living community: that being said, get to know the activities staff, who have their fingers on the social pulse of the facility. In addition, be sure to provide means – i.e. stationery, stamps, an iPad, board games, yarn/knitting needles, Sudoku puzzles, etc. – for your loved one to stay active and engaged after move-in day.


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