Keeping in Touch with Friends & Family at Assisted Living Communities

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 09 June 2011

When a loved one transitions into an assisted living community, take advantage of new technology as a means for keeping in touch.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned phone call or letter, both of which can be easily received by an assisted living resident, but if you’d like to see the face that goes with that voice or handwriting, Skype is a great platform utilized by many senior living residents and families separated by great distances these days.

The Crossings at Malvern, an assisted living community in Malvern, Arkansas, recently introduced a program called “Vizsit”, a program that shares many of Skype’s features, but offers more security/privacy. Residents are not required to log on at their own computer; rather, they can schedule time to use a work station at The Crossings and visit with their families near and far via the “Vizsit” program.

Video contact (or sharing pictures frequently via Flickr, Facebook, or other photo-sharing applications) allows grandparents to watch their young grandchildren/great-grandchildren grow and change. It also gives concerned family members the opportunity to more accurately gauge how Mom is doing with the adjustment into an assisted living community. While it’s easy to say, “I’m fine” on the phone or in a letter, body language can speak great volumes and confirm to a daughter, spouse, or other relative/friend that the “I’m fine” report is truly accurate.

- Michelle Seitzer

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