Letting the Grandkids Plan Your Summer Vacation

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 June 2011

It’s almost summer time, a phrase that evokes a range of emotions among people of all ages. For moms of young kids, it’s perhaps the best of times and the worst of times. For grandparents who live far away from their grandkids, it might mean a long-awaited visit from or to them is rapidly approaching. For kids, of course, it means no school and copious amounts of free time. For those of us of working age (just about everyone else besides teachers), summer time means air-conditioning in the office, lighter traffic patterns due to vacations, and maybe a week off on the horizon.

Well, if you’re thinking about a getaway that includes your grandchildren, here’s a fun idea from Grandparents.com: let them help plan the trip.

No, that doesn’t mean handing over the credit card and telling them to go crazy. It’s more interactive than that, and according to the piece, doing so helps the kids get more out of the trip.

Here are 5 great ideas, as proposed by Grandparents.com, for planning a stellar intergenerational escapade with the kids at the helm:

  1. Report Destination – Did your grandson do a report on Montana and hasn’t stopped talking about it since? Let that be the basis for your travel plans together.
  2. Book Destination – As a young girl, I adored the E.L. Konigsburg classic From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler for its NYC setting. Ask your grandchildren about a favorite book and if the destination is not only in the author’s imagination or outside the realm of possibility (like say, the North Pole), consider visiting the story’s locale.
  3. Hobby Destination – Golf, tennis, geocaching, colonial history, shopping – whatever your hobbies may be could form the basis for a memorable trip with your grandchildren.
  4. Decided-Upon Destination – Maybe your granddaughter has seen pictures of your last trip to Paris and wants to go too. Decide on an appropriate age and time for making the trek and go from there.
  5. Dream Destination – If you are a grandparent with a major travel bug of your own, the article suggests offering each grandchild a trip of their own choosing.

Also, check out these additional resources for planning a terrific trip or a super “staycation” with your grandchildren (and maybe even include their parents too!):

Want to leave the kids behind? Consider these sites for “grandparents only” travel plans:

Bon Voyage!

Talk back: Tell us about your favorite multi/intergenerational vacation, or share this summer’s getaway plans.

-Michelle Seitzer


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