An Overview of Senior Living Options

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 06 June 2011

We’ve come a long way since the first nursing homes (now commonly known as SNFs – skilled nursing facilities) emerged on the senior living scene in the 1950s. Now, in 2011, the industry has exploded and is continuing to grow and change, adding new options (or just new twists on an old theme) all the time.

Here’s a basic overview of several widely-used forms of senior living & care on the market today:

Home Care – Don’t want to move, but need some help around the house? Whether you need blood pressure monitoring, physical therapy, IV therapy, meal prep assistance, or just companionship, home care agencies can meet your needs right where you are.

Assisted Living – It’s aptly named for providing assistance with the basic tasks of daily living. A residential setting comprised of apartment-style suites, assisted living does provide some medical/skilled nursing services to those requiring this higher level of care.

Continuing Care – An option for those wishing to minimize moves in later life, continuing care communities allow residents to transition to various levels of care all on the same campus.

Independent Living – Apartments, townhomes, cottages, or condos: the style may vary, but independent living offers a lifestyle of privacy and freedom, along with numerous activities and social engagement opportunities .

Alzheimer’s Care – Provided within skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, as part of a continuing care setting, or sometimes in a stand-alone facility, Alzheimer’s care covers a range of specialized services for those Alzheimer’s/related dementias.

- Michelle Seitzer


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