New Partnership Fosters Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Vancouver Senior Living Residents

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 May 2011

Founded by Chuck and Karen Lytle, Leisure Care senior living has been an active presence in the industry for 30 years. Currently operated by Dan Madsen, Seattle-based Leisure Care is among the nation’s largest privately-owned retirement and assisted living companies, with over 40 retirement communities throughout the western US and Canada (and a few new projects in the pipeline too).

A reputation for providing innovative and superior service precedes Leisure Care, whose latest venture is a partnership with the University of British Columbia’s Association of Professors Emeriti. The goal of this partnership is to enhance the Tapestry program at Wesbrook Village UBC, an independent living community at the center of a planned neighborhood on the UBC campus.  (Find out more about another Tapestry program right here at SeniorsforLiving.com: Tapestry at the O’Keefe – Arbutus Walk).

Highlighted in the Vancouver Sun earlier this week, Leisure Care’s collaboration ensures that senior living residents at Wesbrook Village UBC enjoy an integrated, vibrant educational environment. Right now, 10 percent of Tapestry’s senior living residents attend classes, lectures, and seminars at UBC; some are involved in volunteer/mentorship work too.

Promoting lifelong learning is just one of the hallmarks of Leisure Care senior living communities. Discover the host of other amenities and features that set Leisure Care apart here at SeniorsforLiving.com.

- Michelle Seitzer


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