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By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 10 March 2011

SeniorsforLiving.com profiles the latest and greatest boomer/senior sites in this updated list.Google returns 1,330,000 results when you type in “blogs about seniors” and 3,890,000 for “websites about seniors.” Of course, not all of these results are legitimate, useful, or applicable destinations for those seeking issues of interest about seniors, but even if half of them are, can we say information overload?

So here’s an updated version of our first Top 100 Senior and Boomer Blogs and Websites, to help you stay up-to-date on the latest advances in boomer blogs and senior sites spanning a colossal range of topics. Peruse and use this new list as your hitchhiker’s guide to the most interesting, engaging, helpful, and heartwarming offerings in the virtual galaxy today.

New Categories (updated in April 2012 and revised/refreshed in May 2014):

  • Just for Boomers — This site promises “boomer news for all your boomer needs.” Head to the SharpSeniors blog to learn more. Writer Helen Hudson’s Aging Agelessly blog is a funny, bittersweet, down-to-earth and thought-provoking look at aging, which includes stories about her personal experiences in caring for her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, for 13 years (she was a newlywed at the time!).
  • All About Alzheimer’s — Founded by Carlos Barrios, who lost his grandfather to the disease, EndearforAlz.com helps charities raise donations, connects people, and offers valuable information about Alzheimer’s to those who need it. Also check out AlzheimersPrevention.org to learn more about clinical research and prevention education.
  • Grandparents’ Corner – BoomerGrandparents.com is a fun site for boomers who love their grandchildren and are learning to connect with them in a totally new, fully digital way.


Updates to Current Categories (updated April 2012 and revised/refreshed May 2014):

  • Travel –  Check out BabyBoomersTraveling.com for all things boomer and senior travel.
  • Caregiving – ElderDepot.com is more than a blog for caregivers, it’s also your one-stop-shop for caregiving supplies. Shop for incontinence, mobility, vision/hearing and other related products at the site. Also, DailyCaring.com is a fantastic hub where caregivers can easily search through a collection of short, easy-to-read articles about aging and caregiving, and receive via email or the site “fresh updates with the latest practical advice to improve your care situation.”
  • All Things Aging — Learn about the spiritual aspects of aging at this enlightening site, FierceWithAge.com, or visit Impowerage.com for all things health, fitness and retirement.
  • Rocking the Boat – Feeling feisty and full of life in your boomer and senior years is a thing of beauty, and it’s an approach that’s celebrated at the following sites: GrowingBolder.comSnappySeniors.com, and SavoringYourSixties.com.
  • Senior Care & Services – Review blog posts and podcasts offering insights on caring for a senior relative or friend at SeniorCareCorner.com.
  • Money & Finance – There are thousands of discounts just for seniors. Head to Sciddy.com to take advantage of them today.


What follows is a list of the sites chosen for our 2011 list, with updates made in May 2014 to replace outdated sites and broken (or redirected and no longer relevant) links:


Born to roam? These sites offer tempting travel options for the mature trekker…

1.       MyItchyTravelFeet.com – Find boomer- and senior-related travel info here, including resources for people aspiring to retire abroad.

2.      The Roaming Boomers – David & Carol Porter’s attractive “online travel magazine” includes a blog, information on national parks, product reviews and much more.

3.      Gypsy Nester – I love David & Veronica’s quirky and hilarious take on life after children. These self-proclaimed GypsyNesters are “rocking the empty nest” and loving every minute of it.

4.      Road Scholar – Formerly called Elderhostel, the Road Scholar site presents “adventures in lifelong learning” to those thirsty for travel in the golden years.

5.      Evergreen Club – This unique club is for anyone 50 and up who wants to make new friends and visit new places without breaking the bank: members stay in private homes for $25 a day or less (breakfast & tourist info included).

6.      Grandparents and Travel – Want to take the grandkids along? Check out Grandparents.com’s Travel section for ideas, tips, and deals.

Sandwich Generation

Wisdom and wit for those who find themselves balancing caregiving responsibilities for the old and young…

7.      SandwichINK – Kaye Swain’s site features fun ideas for grandparent/grandchild activities and encouragement for those struggling with the issues that face those caring for aging parents.

8.      NanaHood - Read all about “the second half of the motherhood journey” at Teresa Bell Kindred’s blog.

9.      Generation Sandwich – With a tagline like “Sometimes I feel like a piece of bologna,” the writer of this blog clearly knows what it means to be a member of the SG.

10.      ItsAFullNest.com – Follow the adventures of Kanesha Baynard’s multigenerational life on this blog.

11.  Boomerinas – Info on just about anything affecting those over 40 – a broad category indeed, but the focus seems to be those boomers who are not quite ready for AARP.

12.  Sixty & Me – A forum on travel, grandchildren, retirement and more — all geared toward senior women.

13.  Mothering Mother and More – Read about the heartbreak and humor of the role reversal that caring for an aging parent can provoke at author Carol O’Dell’s blog.


Caring for the needs of another is often a 24/7 undertaking. Get support & advice from these experts in the field…

14.  Caregiving – Denise Brown’s extensive site, which also offers access to online support groups, is the perfect landing spot for caregivers of all ages.

15.  LiftCaregiving – Valuable resources and information on this site is divided into three helpful sections: caring for yourself, caring for others, and caregiving/health conditions.

16.  The Intentional Caregiver – Want “education, encouragement, and empowerment”? Stop by Shelley Webb’s blog.

17.  Lotsa Helping Hands – Help the caregivers in your circle work smarter, not harder, with this free online tool that allows your team to better coordinate caregiving shifts, delegate tasks, and share the burden.

18.  CaringBridge – An invaluable resource for families experiencing a major health challenge with a loved one (i.e. hospitalization), Caring Bridge allows you to create a website (at no charge) to keep everyone in the loop with updates on health status, test results, visiting hours, and other related news.

19.  The Family Caregiver Alliance – The Family Caregiver Alliance web headquarters is chock full of policy, press and other publications for caregivers, including a care navigator and technical assistance center.

Bonus: DailyCaring.com is a fantastic hub where caregivers can easily search through a collection of short, easy-to-read articles about aging and caregiving, and receive via email or the site “fresh updates with the latest practical advice to improve your care situation.”

All Things Aging

Refer to these superior sites if you’re interested in anything having to do with seniors, anything at all…

20.  New Old Age Blog – This is one of my personal favorites: the range and relevance of article topics is impressive, the coverage is fantastic, and the writing is splendid. A great addition to a highly-esteemed news outlet.

21.  AARP – A trusted senior hotspot for years, AARP still provides top-notch content, products & resources to its audience of 50+ers.

22.  Go60.us – Hear us roar, says this site’s corresponding magazine. Health, money, travel, nostalgia and more — all for the 60+ crowd — is here.

23.  BeBrainFit – We can all benefit from keeping our brains active and healthy, and this site offers advice on “keeping your mind sharp for life.”

24.  Love to Know: Seniors – Offering perhaps more than you ever wanted to know about seniors, this site even includes a link to information on Senior Nudists… to each his own!

Rocking the Boat

Consult these senior-focused culture change connoisseurs for thought-provoking discussions and inspiring initiatives…

25.  Changing Aging – Dr. Bill Thomas is probably best known for his groundbreaking Eden Alternative approach to long-term care, but he’s busy with much more than that. See what he’s up to at the Changing Aging site.

26.  The Pioneer Network – Dedicated to advocacy for patient-centered care, the impressive group of LTC professionals and advocates at the Pioneer Network is challenging the status quo in a smart and strategic way.

27. The Elders – The folks on this esteemed team include the likes of Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu. Its founder, Nelson Mandela, summed up their mission in these beautiful words: “…support courage where there is fear… foster agreement where there is conflict… inspire hope where there is despair.”

28.  Young at Heart Chorus – Let the good times roll with this senior choir who rocks the boat with every passionate performance.

Tickling Your Funnybone

We all know laughter is the best medicine, so take this prescription for a healthy dose daily…

29. Boomerrantz.com - Find the humor in life as a boomer at Pat Skene’s blog.

30.  Suddenly Senior – It’s not all fun and games at this top-ranked site; there is senior advocacy information and nostalgia among its 4,450 pages. But most of it is just good fun!

For the Ladies

These female-friendly webstops will empower any woman looking for a little affirmation and information on the issues they care about most…

31. This Is Your Best Year – Self-titled as “a blog for and about women of a certain age,” blogger Maria D.C. Johns writes about the upside of growing older.

32. Boomerinas – Health, travel, fashion, trends, love & relationships: it’s all here, and it’s all about today’s vibrant boomer woman.

33.  ZestNow - “For women 50 and forward” is the tagline for this site that’s home to shopping, entertainment, style, relationship, retirement, healthy and money advice.

34.  Beauty of Wisdom – LA-based photojournalist Robbie Kaye is on a mission: travel to beauty salons across the country, take photographs of stunning women in their 70s, 80s and 90s engaged in their most trusted beauty ritual, and thereby encourage people of all ages to cherish the beauty of wisdom.

35.  Advanced Style – I want Ari Seth Cohen’s job. The blog author meanders through the streets of NYC seeking confident, creative and stylish senior women, then interviews them and shares their fashion and wellness advice with the world.

For the Men

Scope the following sites for topics of interest to boomer/senior men…

36.  See Jack Shop – I love the name of this website, which offers grooming and shopping advice for men, as well as product reviews.

37.  Mr. Eldercare – Although it’s not specifically tailored to men only, I would guess that guys seeking elder care advice would consult Mr. Eldercare over Mrs. Eldercare any day.

Job-Seeking Seniors

Maybe you need to bring home the bacon, maybe you just want to stay busy. Either way, explore the possibilities on these pages…

38.  Retired Brains – Founded by senior Art Koff, visitors can post a job, find a job, get resume writing advice, and so much more on this practical, easy-to-navigate site.

39.  Your Life Calling – Well-known TV journalist Jane Pauley reports on the way boomers and seniors are reinventing themselves in the workplace and at home.

40.  SeniorJob Bank – Mature job seekers and employers seeking such seasoned employees are welcome at this web stop, which also has a sister site…

41.  Workforce50 – Tailored to the 78 million baby boomers, this virtual destination is a fantastic resource for 50-somethings looking for gainful employment.

42.  Retirement Jobs – Here’s what I love most about this source for job seekers: a clean, simple, straightforward site design. Looking for a job can be stressful enough without tons of banner ads, tabs and links to sift through.

43.  Senior Corps.gov – Who says you have to work for money? Discover terrific opportunities to give back at this site.

Health & Wellness

Taking care of your health takes on new meaning as your body ages. Keep these resources handy for optimal wellness through the golden years…

44.  FiftyFabandHealthy – Exercise, vitamins, medical gear and more: this site informs boomers about staying fit through “the best years.”

45.  Today’s Geriatric Medicine – Geared toward elder care professionals and providers, Aging Well is a print magazine that is also available in a digital version. The website offers forums and product reviews among other senior-friendly resources.

46.  NIH Senior Health – Sponsored by the National Institute of Health, what makes this well-developed, extensive site so special are the user-friendly features, like the ability to enlarge the text size, change the color, and even have sections of the site read aloud.

47.  WebMD – Doctors don’t make house calls anymore, and calling your doctor isn’t always an option either. WebMD is a great place for that second opinion or quick question.

48.  MedicalNewsToday: Seniors – Search the latest medical news or browse through conditions, clinical trials, and other related categories.

49.  Mayo Clinic – Another well-respected medical giant, the Mayo Clinic’s organized site has a number of search options for visitors in pursuit of health information and resources.

End-of-Life Issues

The ubiquitous though often avoided subject of end-of-life is beginning to get the attention it deserves with these enlightening sites …

50.  Death with Dignity – This Oregon-based non-partisan, non-profit organization is leading the charge for education and advocacy around end-of-life issues.

51.  San Diego Hospice – What started in San Diego as a hospice program has expanded to include palliative care services, bereavement support and education, specialty training programs, and more.

52.  Grief Healing – Coping with loss? Visit this informative blog site for relevant articles and links.

53.  Hospice Foundation – Professionals, patients and families are all welcome to peruse the rich reserve of resources on this site.

54.  The Hastings Center – Dig a little deeper into the ethics of end-of-life issues at this academic site.

55.  Aging with Dignity: Five Wishes – A fantastic tool that allows individuals to outline their wishes for complex end-of-life decisions in a clear-cut format.

Government & Policy

Want the hard facts about government programs, services and policies? Get down to business with these sites…

56.  Administration on Aging – Local programs, benefits, emergency preparedness and long-term care planning are among the topics at the Administration on Aging’s website.

57.  Medicare.gov – Stay up-to-speed on changes to Medicare benefits and policies at the one-stop-shop for this LBJ-initiated social program.

58.  US Dept of Health & Human Services – The Department of Health & Human Services encompasses a plethora of programs, initiatives, and information sponsored by the US Government; accordingly, the website is wide-ranging.

59.  American Society on Aging – Visit the American Society on Aging’s website to discover conferences, seminars, and other enrichment opportunities available for professionals concerned with aging issues.

60.  Gerontological Society of America – Devoted to research, education and practice in the field of gerontology, the Gerontological Society of America’s site is a great stop for policy wonks and practitioners who share a passion for elders.

61.  Aging Society – This non-partisan public policy institute features research on aging issues accessible to the press, policymakers and the public.

Elder Law Basics

It’s crucial to know your rights and understand your legal obligations, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. These elder law sites offer practical guidance and access to expertise for the thorny legal issues seniors may face…

62.  PA Elder Law – Although this elder law firm is based in Pennsylvania, the website’s resource center hosts pertinent information not bound by geography.

63.  Elder Law Answers – Listen to ElderLaw radio, find an elder law attorney, do a legal check-up and more at this convenient site.

64.  National Academy of Elder Law Professionals – Elder law attorneys are specially trained professionals. Search the directory or read up on the latest elder law issues at this site.

Retirement 101

The concept of retirement has changed dramatically in the last decade and will continue to do so. Stay current with these sites…

65.  Social Security Administration – Visit the Social Security Administration’s retirement page for the latest on benefits.

66.  Retirement Living TV – More than just a channel on the tube dedicated to the 50+ crowd, this network’s Emmy award-winning programming is on the cutting edge of the exploding boomer/senior market.

67.  The Retirement Pros – Check in with the Retirement Pros for sound planning advice presented in a fresh way.

68.  Money & Retirement: CNN.com – The folks at this top-notch site (presented by the editors of Money magazine) really know their stuff; stop by to read up on retirement, use online calculators, and create your perfect retirement plan.

Senior Care & Services

Consider these resources for information and insights on finding care & services, evaluating your options, and more…

69. Seniors for Living – Look no further than the site you’re at: Seniors for Living’s search engine will connect you to a wealth of senior living options nationwide.

70.  ElderCareABCBlog – Stephen Joyce’s site is “About Being Connected” – a great maxim for those coordinating care for themselves or a loved one.

71.  Modern Senior – Health, baby boomers, aging in place, technology and more: Amy Blitchok’s well-rounded site has it all.

72.  Care Manager.org – Visit this site to find a certified geriatric care manager, i.e. a professional who is trained to help you sort through the long-term care maze.

73.  Silver Planet – Talk to a Silver Advisor for advice on care/housing options for your aging parents.

74.  Caring.com – Get free care guides, expert answers and more at this well-rounded site.

75.  Eldercare Locator – A public service provided by the US Administration on Aging, this site connects visitors with local services & housing options.

76.  HomeCare.com – A well-organized and attractive site geared towards those seeking information about home care, but offering expert elder care guidance in other areas too.

77.  Transition Aging Parents – Move through the stages of transition with grace and ease thanks to Dale Carter’s expert advice and resource-rich site.

78.  Everyone is Aging Blog – Follow this blog for an insider’s view of senior living, as told by 43-year-old Steve Gurney, who has spent several weeks in a number of East Coast senior living communities.

79. GeriCareFinder Blog – Covering subjects like scooters and home repair, this site offers practical posts that occasionally highlight senior care & service offerings in different parts of the country.

80. Inside Elder Care – On this site – from elder care author & speaker Ryan Malone – visitors can choose from a diverse collection of categories like Portraits of our Parents, Aging in Place, and Public Policy.

81. Elder Care Link Blog – A caregiver seven times over within the span of 20 years, Carol Bradley Bursack’s blog gives you the scoop…from someone who knows it.

Moving, Downsizing & Transition Services

As if the decision to move into a senior living community isn’t hard enough, the logistics can be 10 times worse. Find help at these sites…

82.  Move Seniors – Relieve the stress of moving by enlisting the help of trained specialist in your area. Find one, and other great resources for the transition, here.

83.  National Association of Senior Move Managers – Stop by this site to search for certified Senior Move Managers in your region.

84.  Moving Mavins – Even if you don’t live in the metro NY/NJ area and can access their moving services, you’ll find top-notch articles and advice on downsizing and later life transitions on the Moving Mavins blog.

Money & Finance

Long-term care, retirement, senior housing – all of these things come with a hefty price tag. Explore these money management tools and financial planning services to stay afloat…

85.  Mint.com – This personal finance software is a fresh way to organize your funds – for free!

86. Retirement & Good Living – A wealth of retirement resources, particularly finance-based ones, are available on this informative blog.

87. Consumer Reports: Money Blog – The pros at Consumer Reports offer recommendations on products AND money advice. Score!

88. Personal Finance for Seniors: Dummies.com – Visit this site for frank & forthright finance facts – and find a helpful cheat sheet, too.

89. Genworth Financial – Specializing in long-term care insurance products & information, Genworth also offers life insurance and annuities.

90. USAA – Proud to serve all veteran, reserve, and active duty military personnel and their families, USAA provides a host of superior services from banking to loans to life insurance.

91. Senior Veterans Service Alliance – Another great website for veterans – find out about available aid programs & benefits here.


Stay tech-savvy with these sites…

92.  Senior Net – SeniorNet’s mission is “education for and access to computer technologies” that will enhance older adults’ lives.

93.  Age in Place Tech – For industry trends, research and analysis on the latest gadgets geared towards helping seniors stay in their homes, consult this site for the technically inclined.

94. Telikin – A “simpler, easy to use computer,” as featured on ABC News.

Dating & Sex

Find others who are ready to rekindle romance in the retirement years and beyond…

95.  Sitalong.com – A blog with dating-related tips and FAQs for men and women over 50.

96.  Better Than I Ever Expected – Expect candid conversations about sex in the senior years at Joan Price’s sassy blog site.

97.  Dating for Seniors – Post a free profile then search for singles in your area at this site tailored to the mature dating scene.

Fun & Games

Don’t forget to play! Lighten things up with these fun sites…

98. Twilight Wish – You’ve probably heard of the Make-A-Wish foundation for children. Well, there’s one for seniors too.

99.  Games at AARP – Free games are available 24/7 at AARP’s website for word nerds, card sharks, and other gaming types.

100.  National Senior Games Association – Find and register for local, state and national senior games at this site that proves advanced age does not have to impact activity.

Please share any other great sites you’d like to add to the list. Yes, it’s already quite lengthy, but we welcome your additions!

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    Hi everybody,
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    on 18 January 2015 / 1:37 AM

  41. Mark says,

    Great list. I wanted to add a suggestion that is about tax help for seniors: http://www.free4seniors.com/senior-living/money/328-tax-help-seniors


    on 25 January 2015 / 8:02 PM

  42. Thanks for the suggested addition, Mark! Sounds like a helpful article!


    on 26 January 2015 / 9:07 AM

  43. This is an awesome article, very well done!
    I will be checking back for updates. Because there is one category I cannot find and I’ve spent hours searching online. It’s for online entrepreneurs over 50.
    I would really like to hear their stories.
    Thanks again for the wonderful info.


    on 18 February 2015 / 1:54 PM

  44. Thanks for the compliment, Sandy! I’m glad you found the list helpful. I’m not sure we’ll be doing any more updates as things on our blog are changing in the near term. Online entrepreneurs over 50 is an interesting category though. I’ll see what I can find out there and try to let you know. Seems like a niche/hub that would be useful for many people.

    Again, you’re welcome!


    on 25 February 2015 / 5:31 PM

  45. Exercise on-line at home with a fellow Senior who is Certified Personal Trainer.


    on 05 March 2015 / 3:36 PM


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