A Mother’s Day Wrap-up: A Unique Blog Pays Tribute to Fabulous Moms

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 09 May 2010

Cool blog alert – and just in time for a Mother’s Day wrap-up: “My Mom is Fabulous.” Blogger Ysolt Usigan wants your vintage Mom photos and fun/inspirational stories about the woman who gave you life.

Be sure to stop by the site to view currently posted photos (which are extraordinary – so much fun to see the fashions from the decades past), and stay tuned for the upcoming “My Mom is a Storyteller” and “My Mom is a Survivor” sections. What a great way to engage the blogosphere by celebrating those admirable women in our worlds.

More than fashion has changed over the years in the realm of motherhood. Role changes, role reversal, women’s rights, the pill – a Mom from 1910 may share some similarities with a Mom of 2010, but the two will also be worlds apart, for better and for worse.

I often think about the stage of life my Mom was in at my current age of 31. She had three little girls under the age of 10, and a fourth on the way. And here I am, with two dogs, having changed jobs several times since graduating college – but I’ve never done Mom’s job. Sure, I tried it out as a big sister, because I can remember hearing many times in my growing up years: “You’re not my Mom!” In my pre-teen and teen years, my friends and I clocked quite a few babysitting hours, but nothing compares to the real deal, I know.

Honestly, I’m terrified to try Mom’s job. But when the day comes, it’s nice to know there are many experts out there, many who have gone before and paved the way for the moms of the future, and my own fabulous Mom to help me through.

Sound off: How have things changed (or stayed the same) for Moms through the decades?

- Michelle Seitzer

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  1. Linda Snyder says,

    :) I love you.


    on 11 May 2010 / 10:45 PM

  2. I love you too, fabulous Mom of mine!


    on 19 May 2010 / 5:25 PM


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