Echo Living: Baby Boomer Girl-Style

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 24 February 2010

Mature woman looking away day dreamingI am in love with Baby Boomer Girl’s recent blog post on “Echo Living.”

I’ve always sought simplicity in everyday living, but have found that it’s no small feat. Baby Boomer Girl offers 13 tips for achieving a more simplified lifestyle, and these principles surely apply to people of all ages who need a little more balance in their topsy-turvy worlds. Definitely check out the full article – but I’ll highlight a few of my favorite tips here:

I recently took a carload of bags and boxes to the Salvation Army, filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, sheets, towels, pillowcases, hair gel, vases, and more miscellaneous items that did little more than collect dust and clog up my closet and drawers. I know that I could take dozens more trips like this one (and plan to do so in the coming year), because it feels so good to let go of items that really serve no purpose to me but could be useful to others. I don’t miss any of those items – honestly, I can barely remember what I gave away!

Not sure where or how to begin? Baby Boomer Girl suggests the following: “To discover what you don’t need, take an extended vacation in a small cabin or caravan; no lounge, dining room, family room, computer room, bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, en-suites, dressing rooms, games rooms or any other rooms, and the clutter in them. You realise that, apart from what you need for work, the possessions you left at home are superfluous, and your big house was a time-consuming slave-driver. So, with a huge smile, you de-clutter, sell up and move into a smaller place – to hell with the Joneses!

To that I say a hearty “Preach it, sister!” In an age of McMansions and storage units, decluttering and downsizing are not the norm, but probably should be.

Focus on Friendship
When you’re not bogged down with what’s on TV, dusting knick-knacks, or packing away summer clothes, you have more time – and more presence – to give to the friends and family that you love. I can relate. How many readers out there agree that if your significant other is watching the tube, they’re not really listening to what you say? How many people silence Mom’s phone call while they’re watching (insert show of choice)?

Baby Boomer Girl says it best: “With no TV in the background, nothing distracts you from being genuinely human, fully present and aware. You’re even content with a bit of silence, not feeling obliged to fill every musical rest with awkward chatter. Since silence is so refreshing, energy builds for a sing-song, ditty recital, or a good old-fashioned board game. No one’s bored as you echo the delightfully sane socilaising of your grand-parents’ era.”

Better Food, Better Health
Here’s a great one for a no-nonsense cook like myself. For someone who spends more time in the kitchen washing dishes and stocking the fridge, I’d be more than happy to scale back the products in the cabinets and replace them with fresh produce that’s easy to grab or prepare. Says Baby Boomer Girl, “Cooking is a melody with your whistling kettle and your two-burner gas hob. No oven, no microwave, no food processor, cake mixer – You’re shedding extra pounds not doing any baking – who needs cakes anyway? -no complicated meals are expected.” Shedding pounds sounds good to me, and the elimination of complicated meals sounds even better!

Embrace echo living today. Thanks, Baby Boomer Girl, for the inspiring advice!

-Michelle Seitzer


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