Veterans: Are You Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 September 2009


Although my husband is only a reservist in the United States Coast Guard, we still take advantage of every perk, discount, or resource that serving in the military has to offer – and we constantly share those opportunities with anyone we know who might also be eligible.

Ted Gumley has created a successful business by sharing one valuable opportunity for senior veterans and their spouses: the Aid & Attendance program. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Gumley, a World War II veteran who has owned a number of assisted living facilities and now serves as CEO of Senior Care for Veterans.

Senior Care for Veterans is a private company with 15+ years of experience that consults and assists as to the criteria required to qualify for VA pension through Aid & Attendance, a non-service connected disability pension that can help cover the costs of long term care for qualified veterans and surviving spouses. According to Ted, most veterans don’t know anything about this valuable benefit; in fact, while 33% of all senior citizens in the U.S. are entitled to Aid & Attendance, only an estimated 5% of those eligible are actually receiving benefits. Of those enrolled the program serves 7% of surviving spouses and 34% of veterans eligible.

The $3.3 billion pension program is housed at the VA (Veterans Administration), but the VA is legally prohibited from advertising it. In addition, the fractured nature of the VA and cut backs in personnel contribute to the difficulty of processing benefits for program enrollees, so the VA counts on companies in the private sector to help applicants navigate the confusing and inconsistent requirements needed to secure funding.

And just how much funding can be secured? Eligible applicants can receive up to $1,948 per month or $23,376 per year. “People have cried on the phone because they are so happy to receive the help,” says Ted. It’s not hard to see why – in today’s harsh economic climate with funding for seniors being slashed nationwide and the cost of long term care increasing rapidly, this pension program is a lifesaver for countless seniors and the family members struggling to pay for their care.

Senior Care for Veterans has helped more than 15,000 vets and their surviving spouses receive the financial help to which they are entitled, at a 99% success rate. They have worked in 42 states advising assisted living facilities and home health agencies in guiding applicants through the process too.

-Michelle Seitzer

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  1. please help me with more information on this benefit, I truly need help with my mothers alzheimers assisted living. Thank You.


    on 30 September 2009 / 11:25 AM

  2. Michelle says,

    Hi Patricia,
    I would definitely recommend contacting Senior Care for Veterans directly to determine your family’s eligibility for this benefit. You might also want to contact your local Area Agency on Aging/State Unit on Aging to find out what other types of programs may be available to help cover the costs of long term care.


    on 05 October 2009 / 10:26 PM

  3. You may want to contact your Senator’s office. They often have Veteran’s Specialists who can help walk you through the process. See our rural Life with Alzheimer’s blog at hazidaze@blogspot.com


    on 08 October 2009 / 2:56 PM

  4. Michelle says,

    Thanks for your response, Barb & Gordon! I hope it helps you, Patricia.


    on 11 October 2009 / 11:16 PM

  5. Mag says,

    Visit http://www.seniorcareforveterans.us to contact them, that is their website. Good luck!


    on 26 October 2009 / 10:49 PM

  6. Thanks, Mag!


    on 02 November 2009 / 10:59 AM

  7. I had the privilege of knowing Ted Gumley, founder of Senior Care for Veterans first as his client and later as his business partner. While I am grateful for all the knowledge Ted imparted to me about the Aid and Attendance Pension, more importantly, I was truly honored to have been his friend.

    Sadly, Ted passed away in early 2011 after a long and full life marked by his remarkable dedication to serving fellow veterans and their surviving spouses.

    Through the formation of Veterans ElderCare Consulting LLC, I am committed to carrying on the mission for which Ted and I shared a passion.

    If you or a loved one who is a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran is in need of assistance, please contact me. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be of service.


    on 08 April 2011 / 1:40 PM

  8. Hi Marc,
    I remember doing a blog post on Ted Gumley. I am sorry to hear of his passing. Thank you for sharing your connection to him, both on a personal and professional level, and for continuing in his mission of serving our veterans/their surviving spouses. I wish you the best and thank you for sharing the info about Veterans ElderCare Consulting LLC. Thanks also for your offer of assistance – we will certainly contact you accordingly.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, and thanks for serving our veterans in this way!


    on 12 April 2011 / 1:45 PM


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