No Excuses: Anywhere-Exercise for 65+

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 20 April 2009

Exercise is good for you – few would argue that fact. But we all make excuses… not enough time, not the right equipment, not enough energy. Perhaps you’re a busy boomer or senior who travels often. Nordic Traks do not fit in a suitcase. So what happens when you’re on the road and away from your home or local gym?

The Fitness Boutique has a solution that will make most excuses irrelevant. This company has designed a series of award-winning workout books, customized to “specific lifestyle needs.” The Fit Traveler was the first in the series that now includes The Fit Traveler: Senior Edition (for our 65+ crowd) and will soon introduce a maternity edition and disability edition.

Designed by “fitness globetrotters” Kari Eide and Lissa Mueller, this portable gym includes a tailored workout program, fully-illustrated fitness guide, quick tips on healthy living, progress charts, and an exercise band. According to the product specs, “the use of bands allows resistance in multiple directions and improves strength, flexibility, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. There are modifications based on your particular fitness level, balance ability and range of motion.

The kit is compact enough to fit easily into any suitcase or purse, and the program itself is easy and versatile. It’s the perfect solution for the travel-savvy boomer or senior who is keen on maintaining good health no matter where they go.

Now, if only they could package motivation and an extra 40 minutes into that kit…

How do you stay fit when you’re on the road? What keeps you from a daily exercise routine?

- Michelle Seitzer


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