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Join @Seniors4Living and @Caregiving for another dynamic #ElderCareChat conversation on Wednesday, December 3rd at 1pm ET. Denise (@Caregiving) will lead a discussion on healing the family rifts that often make caregiving an even greater challenge.

Event management for #ElderCareChat ...

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#ElderCareChat 11/19/14 Recap: Normal Aging Versus a Dementia Decline

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 46 new and returning participants engaged in an educational dialogue about the subtle and striking differences between normal aging and those of a dementia-related cognitive decline.

We were pleased to have Dr. Jason Abney, Medical Director ...

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#ElderCareChat 11/5/14 Recap: Hospital and ER Survival Guide

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 39 new and returning participants shared tips and strategies for surviving a sometimes necessary hospitalization or ER visit, either as a caregiver or caree. Participants also dialogued about alternatives to hospitalization, and how to know when ...

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#ElderCareChat to Celebrate a Milestone

After researching Twitter chats that focused on eldercare issues and finding none, the team joined forces with to create #ElderCareChat.

That was four years ago — an impressive track record for a Twitter chat in a constantly ...

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Pre-Register Now for the 11/19/14 #ElderCareChat

Join @Seniors4Living, @Caregiving, and a special guest from Silverado Senior Living for another dynamic #ElderCareChat conversation on Wednesday, November 19th at 1pm ET.

Michelle Seitzer (@Seniors4Living) will lead a discussion, guided by Dr. Jason Abney, Medical Director at ...

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#ElderCareChat 10/15/14 Recap: Overcoming Common Caregiving Challenges

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 44 new and returning participants shared tips and strategies for overcoming common caregiving challenges, be it incontinence, wandering (related to dementia), the need for respite, lack of support from family members, finding the best care, and ...

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#ElderCareChat 10/1/14 Recap: Helping Ourselves During Tough Times

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 56 new and returning participants shared tips and strategies for successful self-care, and the care of others, during tough times in our lives. As caregivers and as caring people, we all face difficult life phases, transitional ...

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Patients in ER Confused About Emergency Contact Question

Most people have their emergency contacts stored on their mobile phone or written down and with them. It’s important you have that information available if you have to go to the emergency room. But even more critical is having ...

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Venture Capitalists Investing in Aging Body Systems

More and more venture capitalists are choosing to invest in  medical research and product industries. These investors who focus on start-up ideas and small companies that aren’t able to acquire public funding for their enterprises have been the bell ...

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“The Boomer List” Explores a Generation’s Influences

This could easily be called the year of the baby boomer. The milestone being celebrated throughout the media, including AARP’s “Boomers @ 50+,” is the last of the baby boomer generation (1946-1964) turning 50 this year. A new documentary, “The Boomer List,” ...

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Viewing Aging Positively is Good For Mental Health

There have been many research studies on the power of positive thinking. One of the most effective forms of therapy techniques is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps people re-frame negative thinking patterns into a more constructive, affirmative view. A ...

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